MACE Screenings

MACE’s programme of bespoke screenings across the East and West Midlands continues throughout June:

On 7th June there are two screenings at the Light House Media Centre in Wolverhampton. Included in the screenings will be rare material showing pre war public transport in Wolverhampton and a trip to the town centre for a group of 1950s’ children.

On 10th June MACE visits the Metro Cinema in Derby with a selection of Derby County material focusing on the 1970s and the irrepressible Brian Clough.

On 20th June MACE returns to mac at Canon Hill Park in Birmingham when you can journey into the past to revisit places and people in Birmingham’s history. The screening will include a look at life in Edgbaston in 1963,a documentary looking at the post war slum clearance scheme in Birmingham as well as footage of trolley buses in Birmingham in the 1930s.

On 21st June MACE is back in the East Midlands with a screening at the Trinity Arts Centre in Gainsborough with material of Lincolnshire’s east coast and some rare footage of Gainsborough.

On 25th June there is another screening at the Metro Cinema in Derby.  Included will be a film showing life in Derbyshire in the 1960s and and footage of Chris Tarrant well before he was famous.

We hope you can make it to one or more of the screenings but if not keep up to date on what MACE is doing by subscribing to our bi monthly electronic newsletter.


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