Another MACE Success

MACE has been awarded funding to make ITV’s regional news collection much more accessible to all users. 

The Pilgrim Trust/Esmee Fairbairn Cataloguing Grants Programme, a highly competitive scheme for cataloguing projects in archives, has awarded MACE £26,000 so that we can transfer information relating to Midlands News, ATV Today and Central News from paper documents, which include handwritten diaries and short descriptions initially created by television news editors, into a searchable database.  

The entire collection comprises an estimated 50,000 news stories from 1956 to 1988.  It is currently accessed via a card index system, which can only be used by enquirers if they travel to MACE’s offices in Leicester.  The grant will enable the information to be typed into MACE’s on-line database making it available as part of MACE’s wider catalogue, which can be searched through this site.  

Work is expected to begin shortly and will conclude in the summer of 2009.  


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