Fashion, Football and Film Making

Two major productions have drawn on MACE’s collections to help tell their stories.

BRITISH STYLE GENIUS, a five part documentary series about British fashion, is currently going out on BBC2 on Tuesday evenings.  The producers used footage from an ATV documentary about Paul Smith (click here for further information about the original programme) to show the designer in his first shop in Nottingham in the late 1970s as well as an ATV Today news item in which he is interviewed about his success (click here for more details about the the news item).   In addition they drew on material that focused on the latest fashion trends in Birmingham in the early 1960s from a rarely seen Midland Montage report.

The finishing touches are now being made to THE DAMNED UNITED, a feature film that takes a look at Brian Clough’s forty-four day reign as the coach of Leeds United in 1974.  To add to the authenticity of the film the producers are including actual interviews with people in the street that have come from the regional news collection at MACE.  THE DAMNED UNITED is scheduled for release next year.


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