Animate IT 09

Animate IT 09: To Cut a Long Story Short is a filmmaking competition for children under the age of 12.  Children from the age groups 4 to 7 and 8 to 12 are being invited to make an animated trailer to promote their favourite book.  The winning trailers will receive a whole raft of prizes as well as the opportunity to deposit their entries at MACE, where they will be catalogued and preserved for future generations to enjoy and study.

The thought of people in the future being interested in this kind of material may not seem credible now but our feeling at MACE is that in only a few decades questions about the moving image heritage from the late 2000s will be high on the agenda.  Preserving the winning entries from a competition such as Animate IT 09 along with any contextual information about the competition will enable future researchers to see how children were encouraged to understand the language of film through cultural production while also, in the case of Animate IT 09, to fuse their media literacy and more traditional literacy skills together.

The competition is the brainchild of Birmingham-based Film Street, a children’s filmmaking website, and Kudlian Software, which is based in Hatton in Warwickshire.

For more information about the competition and details on how to enter click here.


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