Archive Screening in Derby

On Sunday 15 February 2009 Phil Leach of MACE will be presenting a collection of archive films at QUAD in Derby.  The event at 3.00pm will be a chance for us to share rarely seen images from the collection and continues our close relationship with QUAD – Derby’s newest multi-media venue.

Highlights will include a chance to find out what it was like to be a victim of the great Derby flood of Christmas 1965 and a look back at the destruction of the historic St Alkmund’s church, which made way for a section of the ring road in the late 1960s.  We’ll also revisit the day Derby celebrated its trading charter in 1954 with a street parade and visit Derby’s famous railway industry just at the point that steam traction was making way for modern diesels.

The event will be of particular interest to anyone who lived in Derby during the 1950s and 1960s.  So if you did please come along, we can’t promise that you’ll see yourself on screen, but there’s a good chance it will bring back some great memories!


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