On this Day 1966: Fosse Way Part Three

ATV Today: 14/12/2009: Fosse Way Part Three


Lionel Hampden and Iain Macaulay continue their journey along the Fosse Way by horse and cart from Lincoln to Bath. Today the pair pass through the ancient centre of England.

We see Iain and Lionel arriving in their pony and trap at High Cross where a monument marks the point where the Fosse Way crosses Watling Street, a point that the Romans considered to be the centre of England. We also see shots of a small museum containing Roman finds. Next at the remains of Brinklow Castle in Warwickshire Lionel talks to Doctor Graham Webster of Birmingham University about the history of Fosse Way. Finally we see Lionel and Iain arriving at a coaching inn at Fossebridge in Gloucestershire where to Lionel’s amazement Iain orders and drinks a quart of ale.

Notes: High Cross lies between Copston Magna in Warwickshire and Claybrooke Magna in Leicestershire. Watling Street is the A5 at this point and the Fosse Way the modern B4455.


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