Seasonal Greetings…

As another year approaches its end (and a happy couple of weeks away beckon for the director!) my thoughts are already turning to the challenges of the year ahead.

The impact of the financial crisis on the funded sector is likely to be profound. A 20% cut in regional funding for the coming year has already been signalled by UK Film Council and we are waiting to see how this will translate in the archive sector in the Midlands. The proposed merger of Film Council and the British Film Institute is also likely to affect our work one way or the other.

But I have always believed that any challenge presents an opportunity. So whatever the outcome for MACE, we will be seeking ways of organising and delivering our services to meet the challenges that lie ahead. And as always, you, the people who use our services, will be central to the decisions we make.

MACE reaches its 10th birthday in mid February – a birthday which I hope will mark the start of a new and bright chapter for the screen heritage of the regions.

I’ll be keeping this blog up to date with any new developments in the New Year. But for now I send you seasonal greetings (and less washing up than I’m likely to have!).


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