ATV Today: 02.03.1965: Hereford Doctor

This is a wonderful film: Lionel Hampden meets Dr Francis,an elderly doctor in Hereford, who performs his rounds on a pony and trap.

Doctor Francis is seen driving a four-wheel dog cart with Lionel Hampden sitting alongside. During an interview conducted whilst driving the doctor reveals that he is 81-years-old, drives about 75 to 80 miles a week and believes that he can get about Hereford faster by pony and trap than if he was driving a car.

Doctor Francis had earlier been featured on Midlands News 12 January 1965 and is also interviewed in Meet the Mayor: Hereford from 1968. This item was shown at the Borderlines Film Festival in Hereford in 2006. According to their publicity, when the horse died Dr Francis had it stuffed and it stood in his surgery.

Do you remember Dr Francis? DO you recognise any of the roads and houses in the film? Tell us your memories below:


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