The history of the West Midlands is being brought to life online with an innovative new archive project. WeVee is a new web-based experience which enables users to view and edit clips from the region’s rich collection of film and video archives, edit them to music and create their own mash-ups to share and swap online.

Footage includes previously unseen material from Cadbury’s, The Staffordshire Film Archive, The Media Archive for Central England and Vivid.

The archive dates from 1901 right up to the present day and includes some hidden gems not previously seen by the public. This footage includes images from the Queen’s Coronation Celebrations in 1953 and an Elephants Parade down the streets of Stafford in also in 1953.

WeVee has been developed by Birmingham based production company Television Junction and digital agency, Clusta, with support from Screen West Midlands’ Digital Film Archive Fund.

Rebecca Cadwallader, Digital Development Producer at Television Junction said:

WeVee uses the latest digital technology as an incentive for the next generation to explore their region’s history. Thanks to the generosity of the archive holders, users can watch and interact with film and video clips that tell the story of the region’s different communities, as well as the struggles and successes the West Midlands has experienced.

WeVee gives users the chance to consider their history and where they have come from, whilst saying something unique about themselves, their home and locality and referencing past events that have meaning to their life today. Finished clips can be posted online through social networking sites such as Facebook, to encourage friends and family to comment and share their experiences.

WeVee has been designed to be fun and easy to use. Users can set up a free account which allows them to creative, save, edit and share moving images from the past.

To play with WeVee, CLICK HERE

Listen to Phil Leach from MACE and Andrew Bowyer from Clusta talk about WeVee on BBC WM (43.20 mins in – available on BBC iplayer until 1st Feb)


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