The Meaning of Style at the New Art Exchange, Nottingham

MACE has supplied a selection of material to an exhibition at the exploring the presence of young African Caribbean men in Britain over the last 40 years. The Meaning of Style can be seen at the New Art Exchange, Nottingham until 10th April 2010.

Contributing artists include Vanley Burke, Clement Cooper, Michael Forbes, Gerard Hanson and Barbara Walker.  The exhibition was curated by David Schischka Thomas.

NAE writes: Young African Caribbean men have often been portrayed as low achievers and perpetrators of crime in British society. But now, with Barack Obama winning the presidency of the biggest superpower in the world, will we see these same young men portrayed in a different light; a source of huge potential for the future? Will the achievement of black youth in Britain over the last 40 years be recognised and honoured?

MACE suppled the following material to the exhibition:

ATV Today: 01.02.1973: Handsworth Unemployment

Here & Now Programme 135: Hip Hop

Here & Now Programme 150: Aswad Masimelia

Here & Now Programme 26: Jah People

Here & Now Programme 298: Nottingham’s First Black Sheriff

ATV Today: 21.11.1978: Football-Viv Anderson picked for England


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