Rare early League Cup Final Film to feature on BBC Cup Final coverage

MACE has supplied BBC Sport with ‘the only footage of early League Cup finals [they’ve] been able to source.” for a 50th anniversary piece to be broadcast before this year’s final between Aston Villa and Manchester United on 28th February.

The League Cup Final was staged at Wembley from 1967, but the first few years of the competition were relatively low key, and BBC Sport want to reflect these matches in some degree as it is the League Cup’s 50th anniversary.

Andrew Swift of BBC Sport said to MACE on receiving the footage:  ‘it illustrates the value of the services that [MACE] and other regional film archives provide.’

The footage is the joint copyright of both ITV Sport and BBC Sport but was filmed by Midlands News, part of the ITV regional collection which is held at MACE’s archive in Leicester.

The footage supplied is:

Midlands News: 28.05.1963: League Cup Football Final

Midlands News: 24.03.1966: League Cup Football Match at the Hawthorns


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