MACE collection continues to grow

The MACE collection continues to grow thanks to the generosity of the public as well as many private and public organisations who have entrusted their rare and often unique films to us. 

Fascinating films that have recently been seen include colour film of a visit by King George VI to a glassworks in Smethwick in 1940; amateur film of the 1938 West Bromwich Carnival; and a big day in the sporting heritage of Nottingham – 4 May 1959 – the day the victorious Nottingham Forest side paraded the F.A. Cup through the city’s streets.

We also continue to work closely with other archives in ensuring that films that are outside our collecting and preservation remit – usually films without a Midlands connection – that are uncovered are preserved in the most suitable places.  One recent example was a copy of ‘Scene: Let There Be Light’ a television drama made for schools broadcast by the BBC in 1970.  The production, by the BAFTA winning playwright Alan Plater, was missing from the BBC archives until we turned up a copy in Leicester and with the agreement of the depositor were able to pass the film back to the BBC.


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