Archive Videos Go Online

Archive Videos Go Online

Article in BBC’s Who Do You Think You Are Magazine

March 2010 Issue

Previously unseen video footage of life throughout the 20th century has been made available to view online for the first time.

The diverse set of film clips are free to browse at, a new project aiming to raise awareness of the wealth and variety of Britain’s regional archives. They show the more unusual side of life in the Midlands area and are taken from a variety of sources, including The Staffordshire Film Archive and The Media Archive for Central England.

Over two-thirds of the footage has never been accessible online before, including local celebrations for the Queen’s coronation in 1953 and experiences of workers at the Cadbury’s factory in Bournville. Although the chance of seeing your ancestor captured on film may be small, the innovative project reflects the growing desire of archivists to improve accessibility to their collections.

As well as viewing the archive footage, visitors to the site can also can edit the clips, add a musical soundtrack and then share the result online. Television Junction’s Digital Development Producer Rebecca Cadwallader hopes the site will engage new audiences: “It’s all about connections that people make with archives,” she says. “We’re going to be making more video content available over the coming months, allowing access to material that usually stays behind closed doors.”

Have a go yourself here –

Read Full Article at Who Do You Think You Are Magazine


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