ATV Today: 16.07.1973: Peterchurch Church Steeple

In an old local custom Chris Tarrant climbs the steeple of the church at Peterchurch in Herefordshire to kiss the weather cock.

Chris Tarrant conducts an interview with an unnamed vicar who explains the historic background to the custom of climbing the Peterchurch steeple. We then see Chris Tarrant climbing up a ladder on the outside of the steeple (mostly in a long shot) as he provides an anxious sounding commentary on his progress.

Peterchurch is a village in the Golden Valley, Herefordshire. This Norman Church is dedicated to St. Peter and its foundations are thought to go back to 786. Parts of the Saxon walls can be seen in the sanctuary.  The spire is made of fibreglass and was at one time the tallest fibreglass spire in the country.

A short section of film near the end of this film appears to be missing. It is not obviously out of synch because the end of the item is a long shot, however the picture runs out before the mag track.

Do you know who the figure is who is interviewed by Chris Tarrant. Are you from Peterchurch? Have you or a friend climbed the steeple. Do you know Peter Smith or his father (a local farmer)?

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