Midlands News: 12.03.1964: Actors visit Raleigh factory

Actors, including Sir Ian McKellen, visit Raleigh factory to absorb atmosphere for the  play ‘Saturday Night and Sunday Morning’.
We see the actors trying out the machinery in the factory (including Sir Ian McKellen operation a lathe). Additionally picketers can be seen stood outside the building in the ninth week of a strike.

Sir Ian McKellen was cast as Arthur Seaton in the play which ran at the Nottingham Playhouse from 15 April 1964 – 4 July 1964 – the Playhouse’s opening season.  It was adapted by David Brett from the novel by Alan Sillitoe and directed by Frank Dunlop.

Sir Ian McKellen has been quoted as saying Saturday Night and Sunday Morning was “a big deal” for him and the play “got a lot of attention from the national press, and I feel it really helped establish my subsequent career.”

Two reviews reported at the time:
“An actor to be watched.” Financial Times April 1964.
The Nottingham audience, sprinkled with Mod hair-dos and jackets, loved it clamorously.” — Ronald Bryden, The Statesman 20 May 1964

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