Chris Tarrant on ATV Today

We’ve more than one clip for you today – five stories reported by Chris Tarrant who joined ATV Today in 1972.   Chris became a regular reporter of the more lighter hearted stories in the Midlands and we’ve provided a selection here.

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Click on the images to view the clips

ATV Today: 12.06.1973: The Joke Collector

The Joke Collector – Chris Tarrant with Mervyn Mattams who has collected over 200,000 jokes.Various jokes being played on Chris Tarrant

ATV Today: 10.10.1974: Dave Dazzle

Chris Tarrant talks to ‘Dave Dazzle’ a businessman, who in his spare time dresses up in bizarre gear and works as an entertainer. Dave entertaining children with his modelling balloons.

ATV Today: 01.11.1974: Wellie Wanging

Wellie Wanging – Chris Tarrant joins the people of Powick, Worcestershire, in practising for the All England Finals of the Wellie Wanging Competition.

ATV Today: 26.07.1972: Trick Cyclist Alf Tabb

Chris Tarrant meets Alf Tabb from Kidderminster who is famous for his miniature bikes. Alf Tabb’s reminiscences on riding these bikes and cyclists from Aldersley Stadium trying to win the £5 bet by riding one of the bike.

ATV Today: 30.10.1972: Interview with Nick Roberts re charity walk

Chris Tarrant interview with Nick Roberts re the charity walk from Evesham to Worcester for old people and his contribution by starting his walk with four ferrets stuffed down his trousers.


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