Gi’ It Some ‘Ommer! [Programme 4]

Today’s Clip of the Day is a excerpt from Part 4 of the TV series. Gi’ It Some ‘Ommer which was broadcast on Central TV in 1984.
The fourth part of a six programme series looking at life in the Black Country.
Click Image to View Clip
 Programme 4 spotlights people in industry who, by various means, are surviving the 1980s economic recession. Shots include the demolition of industrial buildings in the Black Country, the interior of a working foundry (Arthur Edge and Co. Ltd), Hudson’s of Dudley scrap metal dealers at Brierley Hill, production work at Cradley Castings Limited at Halesowen and robotic welding being carried out at the works of British Federal in Dudley (with voice over by Deputy Chairman Duncan Ewan?).
 Featured in interviews and voice overs as well as carrying out their day-to-day work are: Developers Don and Roy Richardson are seen touring the Dudley Enterprise Zone in a chauffeur driven Rolls Royce as well as visiting one of their building sites, attending a business dinner and in their headquarters at Oldbury. Morris Hudson is seen driving his vintage Rolls Royce and seen working at his successful scrap metal business. Father and son rag and bone men Alf and Jimmy Holland are seen on their rounds and talking in a pub. We later see Alf’s funeral and see Jimmy at work on his skip hire venture. Black Country comedian Tommy Munden is seen entertaining drinkers in a pub with his local jokes and is also seen driving a lorry for Dudley Metropolitan Council. John Mulverhill (?), the Chief Executive of the council is interviewed and seen attending a business dinner. At the same business dinner we also see Bev Pegg who is the Managing Director of Cradley Castings Limited. Pegg is also a guitarist and is seen at home in Hagley, in his recording studio and and during a gig performing a song about the local Black Country mentality called ‘Survivors’. Local character and scrap metal dealer Owen Thompson aka Horatio Owen aka Robin Owen Thompson is also seen buying a small load of scrap from a rag and bone man. Throughout the film Jimmy Holland and an unnamed local man sit in a kitchen and talk about the changing industrial scene and the success of some of the people featured who have made their money through redevelopment, recycling scrap or adapting their existing businesses.

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