ATV Today: 18.11.1968: Women in Love

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Ken Russell on location in Derbyshire filming ‘Women in Love’. Barri Haynes interview with Larry Kramer, Alan Bates and Jennie Linden.

Barri Haynes talks to Larry Kramer, the producer of Women in Love and author of the screen play based on the novel by D.H. Lawrence. He also interviews actors Alan Bates and Jennie Linden. We see Ken Russell directing a scene on location.

Alan Bates was born in Allestree, Derbyshire and attended Herbert Strutt Grammar School in Belper, Derbyshire, known to Belper residents as ‘Strutts’ .

Women In Love also starred Oliver Reed and Glenda Jackson, who won an Academy Award for  Best Actress in a Leading Role for the part of free spirited Artist, Gudrun.

Women In Love was released in September 1969 and was nominated for many awards, winning the Golden Globe for Best English-Language Foreign Film in 1971.

Women in Love was filmed in various locations in Derbyshire including Crich Tramway Museum and Matlock, but do you recognise the location they are filming in here? The report states it is a location in Derby.

If you know where they are filming or have any memories of the shooting of the film, please comment below.



One thought on “ATV Today: 18.11.1968: Women in Love

  1. I was employed on the stage staff of Nottingham Playhouse in 1966/67 and was approached by a member of the production staff to show 3 people round the area of Eastwood with (Moyna Brown) a local Lawrence historian who had well informed connections: The people who came were looking for film locations associated with Lawrences’novel of “Women in Love” – one of these people was Ken Russell: We visited sites at Eastwood, Moorgreen, Greasley, Annesley, (Lawrence referred to this area as “The Country of My Heart”) : However Ken Russell later stated in an interview that he considered the area too beautiful and not as Lawrence had written about the area in the novel which is set in the 1910’s : The local collieries had been modernised and were unsuitable: None of the sites Lawrence wrote about were used as locations for Women in Love:
    I then went to study at Ilkeston College in 1967 and I recall Alan bates” brother John (who I briefly knew because we had the same drama teacher)) stating that Alan was recommending locations for the filming:
    Once again I became involved & I recall that locations included Crich Tramway Museum, (It is ironic that D.H.Lawrence wrote about a visit to the Crich memorial in his novel “Sons & Lovers” which is adjacent the Tramway Musesum; – he also used local names of people & places as is clearly recognised here)!!! Other locations included Kedleston Hall, (Breadalby) Elvaston Castle (Shortlands) -(where the cutting edge nude wresting scene was captured), Sherwood Forest near Thorsby Hall; Matlock (St Giles’Church); – also a house was used in Matlock as the Brangwen’s residence: Grounds of Bretton Hall were Glenda Jackson (Gudrun Brangwen) bewitches the Highland cattle; The Newhall school in Sheffield – (classroom scenes) The English Sewing Machines’s company’s mill at Belper (now k/a Strutts Mill & part of the Industrial Revolution Heritage site) where the sluice gates on the River Derwent were used: At Derby the photo shots you have on this site were done at the Arboretum ( I am not sure if this is currently known by this name as it is not listed as such on the Phillips detailed map of Derby): The scene with Oliver Reed (Gerald Crich) depicting the cruelty metered out to the horse was filmed at the Wilson Level Crossing on the Debys/Leics border nr Breedon-on-the-Hill: The mining scenes were done at Beddlington Colliery (nr Newcastle upon Tyne) which had closed down, but for the film the machinery and pit top were temporarily restored and not as stated in some comments as Beamish open air museum:
    You may also wish to know that Alan Bates (Rupert Birkin) is buried with his wife and son in Bradbourne churchyard near Carsington:
    Hope you find this information of interest:
    Kind Regards
    William Smith
    Equity member

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