Clip of the Day – Westons Cider

Midlands News: 28.10.1964: Cider Factory

Click on the Image to View the Film

Todays’ clip features the cider apples at Westons cider factory at Much Marcle in Herefordshire.

We see the apples being delivered and stockpiled outside the factory.

This is one of five titles we hold of footage from Westons, although at present the four other titles cannot be viewed online. We’ve reached 1999 viewable titles and the number is rising thanks to the staff and volunteers at MACE.

The other news items we hold featuring Westons are Midlands News: 28.10.1965: Apples arriving at Westons Cider Factory; Midlands News: 10.11.1967: Herefordshire Pear HarvestATV Today: 27.07.1979: Steamroller (featuring, steamroller, ‘Rosie the Cider Girl’ and  ATV Today: 03.12.1979: Westons Cider Company (featuring an interview with its chairman Norman Weston).


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