Have you tried making a WeVee yet??

If you’re swept up in the football fever as I am, or if you fancy a break from it all and would like to try your hand at something new, why not take a look at http://www.wevee.co.uk, a ‘mash-up’ tool where you can edit together your own selection of archive, put it to music and share your finished creation with friends.

The archive clips featured on http://www.wevee.co.uk are sourced from a number of archives including MACE and the Staffordshire Film Archive.  New clips have been added in the last few weeks, including a variety of football related clips, from Alf Ramsay coaching the England team of 1973 to Leicester City FC training with an elephant (yes, an elephant!)

Some of these clips are not as yet available to view on MACE’s website, so if ‘mashing up’ isn’t for you but you’d just like to view the material, you can do this too.

Visit WeVee here

Happy mashing!


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