Can you help Full Circle’s search?

Fred Naylor Collection - Admira8 cine-camera and reels of film donated by The Naylor family of Eastwood to the Full Circle project.

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I will shortly begin blogging about Full Circle, a Heritage Lottery Funded project that will be working with communitiy groups and local history societies throughout the East and West Midlands.
Full Circle aims to connect the Midlands with their screen heritage by conducting a search for previously unseen moving image material. 

Reels of film, home videos or tape that contain a link of some sort to life in the Midlands are important in making this search a success.

By collecting and showing films, the project aims to build interest in local history and develop a sense of belonging and pride of place in people throughout the Midlands. Full Circle hopes to raise peoples awareness of the importance of gathering  and preserving this increasingly rare material. Finally, placing it back into the community in a more accessible format, so that it can be enjoyed by future generations for years to come.

If you have  any old reels of film, home videos or tape stashed away that relate to life in the Midlands and that you feel could be relevant to the Full Circle project’s search, please get in touch.

@luciekerley | Lucie Kerley – Curator – | 07919 896505 or Kay Ogilvie – Senior Curator  – | 07919 896518


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