Full Circle visits Eastwood to retrieve 50 year old cine-film collection.

Sharon Rowlands and John Naylor with their father Fred Naylor’s film collection.

On Wednesday, 23rd June Full Circle Curators, Kay Ogilvie and Lucie Kerley, visited the Naylor family in Eastwood, Nottinghamshire to collect the first lot of film to be donated to the Media Archive for Central England’s Full Circle project.

Full Circle is a 3 year Heritage Lottery Funded project that has been developed by the Media Archive for Central England (MACE)  in order to support local history societies and other organisations to find, identify and use film and video for the benefit of their community.

MACE is committed to helping local groups get the most out of their moving image heritage and, as the regional film archive for the midlands, we have the expertise to provide advice on all things relating to the moving image and the staff to enthuse and inspire.

The project is very much still in its early stages, but even so a lot has happened already!

Fred Naylor's homemade film titles.

Kay Ogilvie – Senior Curator, and I were very excited to meet with the Naylor family from Eastwood to look at their father’s collection of cine-film. Fred Naylor, their father, after receiving some inheritance money was fortunate enough to be able to purchase an Admira8 Cine-Camera. It was with this camera that from 1959 Fred then began to make home-movies, often experimenting with stop-motion animation, and documenting the events surrounding his family’s life. For instance; holidays, birthday parties, Christmas celebrations, family weddings and sea fishing are just some of the delights featured in the Naylor’s collection.

John Naylor looking at his brother Trevor on the beach, at Chapel St. Leonards, 1961.

Full Circle would like to thank the Naylor family, who have kindly donated their father’s collection containing around 20 reels of film. They have also donated the Admira8 Cine-Camera and original projector to the MACE Archive.

A young Sharon Rowlands & cousin Carron, playing with the film titling kit at 57 Church St. Eastwood, 1960.

The Naylor family will be one of many helping Full Circle as they embark upon a search for Midlands related moving image materials, such as film, tape or videos hidden away in the community.

‘Here’s me looking at you!’ Fred Naylor and son John play around with the camera, 1961.

For preservation purposes, MACE will make copies of any footage that is appropriate to the Midlands screen heritage. In order for the Full Circle project to have a lasting impact on local communities across the region, it is important that film like this is carefully collected, preserved and converted into a format that can be enjoyed by future generations for years to come. By collecting and showing films, the project aims to build interest in local history and develop a sense of belonging and pride of place in people throughout the Midlands.

Lucie Kerley

If you too have any film, tape or moving image footage relating to your local Midlands community, please contact: Kay Ogilvie – Full Circle Senior Curator at ko66@le.ac.uk | 07919 896518

Additional information concerning the MACE Archive and their progress with the Full Circle search can be found at: www.macearchive.org or follow their success stories at the MACELive Blog: www.macearchive.wordpress.com


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