Mansel Lacy visit uncovers vast film collection

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Cal Edwards and his wife Cecily at their home in Mansel Lacy, Herefordshire. Cal and Cecily have lived in Mansel Lacy for 33 years and are originally from Shropshire. They have been married 54 years and met aged 11 roller-skating in the street.

Cal is a very active member of the Mansel Lacy Community and is involved in a number of commitments to local groups, including: Community First, Foxley Group Parish Council, Editor of local magazine Foxley News, Chairman – Mansel Lacy Soap Box Derby Committee and Churchyard Grass Cutter, to name but a few.

As Chairman of the Mansel Lacy Community Association, Cal has offered to help participate in Full Circle’s film search.

Cal has actively documented the history of Mansel Lacy over the past 15 years. He first bought a video camera when coming up to retirement knowing that now was the time for him and his wife to take that long holiday to Canada they had always planned and that he really would like to record it.

Having documented his surroundings using a number of cameras over the years including the creation of a short film called ‘Full Circle – 24hours in the life of Rugby Radio Station’ recorded in 1965, which was shot using Super 8.

Cal then moved on to filming ‘Happenings around Mansel Lacy’ and many other events using both Video 8 and Digital 8 formats. Cal even experimented with his own titling for the short films using Letraset arranged on pieces of card.

As part of the Full Circle project Mansel Lacy will attempt to uncover other hidden gems that may show how their community has changed over the years. Other films from Cal’s collection include Christmas Pantomimes, the four seasons in Mansel Lacy, Open Gardens & Autumn Fayres along with Flower Festivals, children of Mansel Lacy and RAF pilots flying over in a training exercise for Iraq.

Cal has an extensive and well catalogued collection of footage that shows Mansel Lacy life from 1990 to present day.

As part of the Full Circle project the footage will be made available to the community, for educational and historical purposes and also general community enjoyment.


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