Peter Frost deposits Kniveton family 8mm film collection with Full Circle.

MACE’s HLF Full Circle project has uncovered yet another lot of  hidden gems, this time heralding from the Kniveton, Ashbourne community. This find will enable us to look back at the history of our  Midlands Screen Heritage even further.

Curator Kay Ogilvie had the pleasure of meeting with Peter Frost who has just deposited a huge collection of 8mm films dating back to 1935.

His Grandfather, Wilfred  Ratcliffe, was chauffeur to the Wright family of Kniveton. The vast collection includes footage of Meyall Hunt on Darley Moor, Kniveton Fete, Ashbourne Show, Derby County FC, Flagg point to point, Harvest scene – described as ‘good’ and Bradbourne.

The collection consists of over 70 reels and is sure to be of interest to local people.

For preservation purposes, MACE will make copies of any footage that is appropriate to the Midlands screen heritage. In order for the Full Circle project to have a lasting impact on local communities across the region, it is important that film like this is carefully collected, preserved and converted into a format that can be enjoyed by future generations for years to come. By collecting and showing films, the project aims to build interest in local history and develop a sense of belonging and pride of place in people throughout the Midlands.

Lucie Kerley

If you too have any film, tape or moving image footage relating to your local Midlands community, please contact:

Kay Ogilvie – Full Circle Senior Curator at kay.ogilvie@tiscali  | 07919

Additional information concerning the MACE Archive and their progress with the Full Circle search can be found at:


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