Eastwood’s Springbank Primary School hopes to use archive film as teaching tool!

One of our first Full Circle deposits was the Fred Naylor Collection by Sharon Rowlands & John Naylor from Eastwood, Nottinghamshire. Following this we found out that at least two generations of the Naylor family had gone to Springbank Primary School, in Eastwood and that John Naylor now delivers their school meals.

Full Circle are keen to work with schools, to encourage the use of archive film as a visual resource, a teaching tool that can be used by schools to enable them to create a  link to the content of the footage found. In this case the fact that the Springbank school children would be able to see Eastwood as it was 50 years ago which is a fascinating concept!

After meeting with Julie Vaccari, Head Mistress of Springbank Primary School, we introduced the Full Circle project, and its aim to find locally produced home movies or film footage shot by members of the community in order to create a record of their everyday lives and then to preserve them in MACE’s collection, the regional film archive for the Midlands. Julie explained that she was very interested in being able to include the use of archive film as an aspect of the children’s learning, and felt that it could be used in numerous ways. For instance, Literacy and Arts lessons, using the footage as a way of inspiring the children to produce artwork or poetry, to Geography, History & Maths.

The children of Springbank Primary School have previously been visited by the Fire Brigade’s ‘Fire Risk Watch’ Team and coincidently Fred Naylor’s film collection includes footage of the old Fire Station as he used to be a Fireman himself.

We also had the opportunity to meet with Don Brown, an Eastwood local, who worked for the Fire Service alongside Fred Naylor. Don and his wife were good friends of the Naylor family.

Thirty or so years on Don has now written a book of poetry and frequently paints at his home in Eastwood.

Julie Vaccari believes they “could definitely make use of the footage, as film is a very powerful medium” and one that children are known to respond well too.

Let’s hope that changes in the curriculum dont affect the way that teachers can use creative teaching methods like this to truly get the best out of their pupils.

If you have any film/video or moving image material relating to the Midlands or Eastwood area, please get in touch with the Full Circle project.

Call Full Circle Senior Curator: Kay Ogilvie on 07919 896 518 or 01629 823 495 email: kay.ogilvie@tiscali.co.uk


One thought on “Eastwood’s Springbank Primary School hopes to use archive film as teaching tool!

  1. This is a very good idea, it could also be used to give the children some idea of continuity. To make them more aware and proud of the area and the town they live in, how their parents and grandparents used to live, perhaps following on to how they can make a contribution when they grow up,making it a worthwhile place to live for their children too.
    Keep up the good work Lucie!

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