Tipton Harriers celebrate their 100th Birthday and promote their Full Circle Film Search at local library.

Keith Atkins promotes the Full Circle Project at Tipton Library.

On Saturday, 11th September the Tipton Harriers celebrated their 100th Birthday and Tipton Library it’s 10th! Members of the public were invited to come and celebrate the occasion with a slice of cake and a look back at the History of the Tipton Community, the prestigious Tipton Harriers and a celebration of sport in the area.

Keith Hodgkins & members of Tipton Civic Society

Tipton Harriers, Keith Atkins organised the event with the help of Robert Hazel of Tipton Library. The day was a great success with people stopping by throughout the day to enjoy the displays of sporting memorabilia and catch a climpse of members of the Tipton Harriers, both past & present!

Appearances were made by the likes of Tony Milovsorov – former G.B international, Peter Griffiths – former Welsh International Steeplechaser and Martin Williams – G.B International Marathon runner.

Tipton Harrier – Tony Milovsorov – former GB International

There was even a Birthday cake to celebrate the Tipton Harriers 100th Year and Tipton Library’s 10th Birthday.

On show were sporting memorabilia from celebrated members of the Harriers, including Jack Holden, and a powerpoint presentation with Tipton Harrier member profiles and a Full Circle screening of archive footage of  a Tipton Harrier Boxing Day morning handicap race from 1967, courtesy of Roy Langford – also a former Tipton Harrer 100 – 220m runner. Roy’s wife bought him the cine camera as a present  and this was the 3rd or 4th film that he took. The Tipton Harriers Centenary Project is working alongside Full Circle, to search for film or home-movies made in the Midlands that might hold the key to understanding more about our screen heritage.

Roy Langford created his own home-movies of the Tipton Harriers.

Roy Langford’s Tipton Harriers Boxing Day morning Handicap race, 1967

Also on display was a Tipton Harrier vest for everyone to sign alongside the likes of Tipton Harrier – Jack Corfield – the fastest man in the E.U over 2 miles in the 1950’s, to celebrate the special occasion.

Keith Atkins and volunteers of the Centenary Archive Project invited members of the community along to deposit or share any of their own memories of Tipton Harriers.

If you have any information or memorabilia relating to the Tipton Harriers such as:

Old photographs/reels of film/homemovies – digital & tape 



Race results 






Tipton 10 Mile Race Results 



Club magazines 



Club badges & stickers 



Newspaper cuttings 



Club Ties 



Race programmes 



Old club memorabilia 



Please get in touch with Chris Holloway:  tipton.harrier@yahoo.co.uk


Keith Atkins: Tel:  01902 674 335

Tipton Harriers display of sporting memorabilia at Tipton Library

Tipton Harrier – Jack Holden

Tipton Harrier Martin Williams and Robert Hazel award prizes to the children who took part in the competition

Tipton Harriers Sports Ground

On Sunday 10th October 2010 – The Tipton Harriers invite you to an informal gathering at the Tipton Sports Academy to celebrate 100 years of Tipton Harriers which members (past & present) are invited with their friends & families. The reunion is due start around 5.00pm and is part of a number of activities being staged by the Harriers on the day.

It is hoped that a large number of past members will be able to attend. There will be a chance to catch up with old friends and rivals!
We will also be taking the opportunity to show a number of the cine films that we have been able to collect and transfer into a modern format. These include the samples from the famous ‘Tony Phillips Collection’ from the 1960’s & 70’s, as well as some short clips from a Boxing Day Handicap (in the 1960’s) and samples from Road Runners Club Archives and, hopefully, a few surprises as well.
For more information contact Chris Holloway – tipton.harrier@yahoo.co.uk

Photographs courtesy of Lucie Kerley © 2010


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