MACE footage to screen at The Ritz Cinema, Belper

Rarely seen Footage to screen at Belper’s Ritz Cinema on Sunday 24th October at 5:45pm.

The beautiful Ritz Cinema in Belper is screening another selection of rarely seen local archive films looking back at the social history of Derbyshire.  The films are curated by our Programme Curator, Phil Leach. 

We’ll be remembering the St Laurence Convent in Belper with a film of their work made in 1961 and unearthing images of a proper hard Derbyshire winter more than seventy years ago when horses were still used to pull snow ploughs. 

Other films will include a fascinating documentary about the at the history of Cressbrook Mill, an early look at the Pinglewick village development and many more Derbyshire surprises.

I was born in Nottingham but have lived most my life in Belper so this screening is of particular interest to me. I have seen the film of St Lawrence Convent which was a poignant experience for me as I visited the Convent myself when I was a little girl and sat with the nuns. The memories of this visit came back to me, surprisingly vividly when I watched the film at a Belper Historical Society meeting before I begun working with MACE last Autumn.

The film also features St Faith’s Chapel at Belper Lane End which has been closed for time now. I’m sure may Belper residents will even recognise themselves as children signing at the chapel!

Remember that we’re always delighted to hear from people who have memories of events we hold on film. If you do wish to share your story, do contact us.

All the best

Emma Morley, Media Archive for Central England


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