Great Cake & a Blue Peter Style Introduction to ‘Open Data’ at Hyperlocal Gov Camp WM.

Will Perrin discusses 'Open Data' at the Hyperlocal Gov Camp

Had a fantastic day on Wednesday at the Hyperlocal Gov Camp. It was the first time I had been to an event like this – which organiser Dan Slee describes as an ‘unconference’.

It was a brilliant opportunity to meet fellow bloggers and community representatives and discuss how ‘Open Data’ and new technologies can essentially ‘make the world a better place’.

I was interested in seeing how ‘Open Data’ technologies could help the MACE archive and it’s Full Circle project get the material ‘out there’ for the communites to enjoy.

People from across the UK flocked to Walsall to attend the Hyperlocal Gov Camp

Several interesting points were raised which could lead to an increase in the number of people that get to engage with archive film. Overall, it was a very worthwhile event and one that I would definitely recommend others to checkout in future!

I also had the fortune to meet up with Stuart Williams @TheEdditer, the Editor of The Bloxidge Tallygraph -  – the online news and local history magazine for Bloxwich.

I explained to him the aims of the Heritage Lottery Funded Full Circle Project to preserve the screen heritage of the Midlands. A search for old film, or homemovies created by members of the Midlands communities which may now be in a format that can no longer be accessed.

The purpose of the Full Circle Project, is to seek out this footage and transfer it into a format that can and will be viewed and enjoyed by generations for years to come. For anyone wishing to deposit material with MACE, we are then able to make copies which will be given back to the owners, the communitygroup who have found the material and also a copy which will be safely stored in the MACE archive.

For more information on Full Circle – or if your Midlands Community group would like to get involved in a search for film – please contact:

Full Circle Curator: Community &  Acquisition – Lucie Kerley – email: or call 0116 252 5931


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