MACE supplies footage to Michael Wood’s Story of England

We’re delighted to have supplied a series of extracts from MACE’s collections to Michael Wood’s Story of England, which will be shown next Wednesday 27th October at 9pm on Channel 4.

MACE have supplied clips from Leicester Poor Boys and Girls summer Camp at Mablethorpe, A trip Through Libertyland, Recruiting in Grantham and Calling Blightly no. 155. You can see clips and/or catalogue entries of these films by clicking on the titles above.

Michael Wood’s Story of England is produced by award winning Maya Vision International, an independent film and television production company, founded in 1983. 

This episode will be the last of this 6 part series on BBC 4 following Michael Wood as he tells the story of one community – Kibworth in Leicestershire – through the whole of English history, using documents, landscape, buildings, science and archaeology –  and the help of the community.

To watch episodes 1 to 5 of the series on BBC Iplayer, CLICK HERE

To read more about Maya Vision, Michael Wood and the series, CLICK HERE


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