Ashbourne Heritage Group finds Remembrance Day film footage


After putting out the call for film, Ashbourne Heritage Society were lucky to find Jane Woodward, whose father filmed many local events from the 60s to the 70s in and around Ashbourne.    John Titterton, Chair of the Heritage society is looking forward to screening the very special footage filmed by Jane’s father, of the Remembrance Day parade dating from the 70s. Ashbourne Heritage Society are putting on this event at the Ex-Servicemen’s club in Ashbourne on 13th November – please see local press for  more details. This is one of the first home-movies to have gone Full Circle i.e. to be found and copied by MACE onto DVD so that the whole community can access and enjoy this historical event.

Jane Woodward and her brother Simon Cope have unearthed all their family cine films and have enjoyed a lot of nostalgic time playing them on their old projector.  The earliest film was their parent’s wedding in Duffield in 1957 and the latest ones were taken in the early 80s, until their parents then invested in a camcorder.  The films include Jane’s christening, many happy hours spent in their garden in Ashbourne, local events in the town, school events, as well as family holidays in the UK.  Family weddings have caused great amusement to watch, especially the ones in the 1970s – all the films are giving Jane and Simon a lot of pleasure.

Rutha Titterton (right) and members of the Ashbourne Heritage Group at the Ex-Servicemen's club in Ashbourne in September

Footage on cinefilm copied to DVD of a 1930s wedding party, saved from being lost by one of the Heritage society members.

Jane Woodward sorting through her father's film collection - after the callout for film from the Ashbourne group, Jane came forward with some unseen footage of Remembrance Day footage in Ashbourne. This has been copied onto DVD as part of the Full Circle project and will be screened on Remembrance Day in Ashbourne. See local press for more details.

Jane's father's film collection filmed on 8mm cinefilm dating from the 1960s


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