Full Circle Project’s hunt for hidden home-movies takes over the Midlands!

MACE's Full Circle Project Technician - Andrew Jenkins sets up the Flash Transfer equipment to copy 16mm film.

Map of the Midlands showing which areas we currently have groups participating in the Full Circle Project.

In just 149 days… the 5 months that MACE’s (The Media Archive for Central England)  Heritage Lottery Funded Full Circle Project has been running, Senior Curator – Kay Ogilvie and I have covered a HUGE expanse of the Midlands region. With the help of local history and community groups spread throughout the East and West Midlands we have received a fantastic response to the project.

MACE Director James Patterson uses the Steenbeck to view one of the reels of 16mm film found during the Full Circle Project.


MACE Viewing Room - Steenbeck.

 The way that people from all areas of the Midlands have stepped in to help uncover the hidden screen heritage relating to their own communities has been phenomenal.

MACE's Cataloguer, Researcher and Programmer Phil Leach compiles footage for screening events which groups can hold to help promote their film search

In just the short space of time that the project has been running, with the help of these local groups we have uncovered 33 collections of film, with more collections popping their heads up each week.

Just this morning we received another collection of film found by The Brixworth History Society in Northamptonshire through the MACE office door.

A mixture of Super 8 & Std 8mm home-movie cinefilms

Instructions found in one of the film boxes for setting up the projector for family film showings.

The collection belongs to Mr. Rod King of Brixworth and comprises of 4 large 400ft reels of Std 8mm and Super 8mm cinefilm. I look forward to speaking to Mr King and finding out more about his films and how he feels about having them copied into a digital format that he and his family will be able to enjoy. Watch this space for more information on the Rod King Collection.



Moving image material found during the Full Circle Project's search is brought into the archive and then assessed for both cultural and historical relevance to the Midlands region. Here you can see a shot from a piece of 8mm film found by the Belbroughton History Society during their search - the film, which belongs to the Hadley's, is a 1950's farming scene.


Due to the brilliant response of groups wishing to participate in Full Circle’s search we have now almost reached our 60 group target, but are still looking for groups and are also interested in working with schools – particularly in the areas on the map that haven’t yet been covered – don’t worry if you still wish to join or have some film you wish to get copied, we are compiling a reserve list for groups to join in stage two.

Our hope is that more and more communities will be reunited with films and home-movies found in their area. Local screenings of footage found during the group’s search will take place throughout the project.

For more information please contact: Lucie Kerley – Full Circle Project Curator on 0116 252 5931 or 07919 896 505 or email: lk99@le.ac.uk

MACE's Head of Access and Learning: Richard Shenton - We hope to connect material found throughout the Full Circle Project with Schools in the Midlands area.


The Media Archive for Central England is the public sector moving image archive for the East and West Midlands. This means our focus is on moving images held on film, video, DVD or any other carrier that relate in some way to the Midlands.

Our primary roles are to provide:

  1. A place where these materials can be preserved
  2. Opportunities for the communities of the Midlands and beyond to experience and enjoy them
  3. An information hub for all things relating to moving images in the Midlands

MACE is a non-profit making company limited by guarantee (no. 3172021) and an independent registered charity (no. 1100890). As such we are governed by a board of directors who are also trustees of the charity.

As a public sector archive MACE receives public money primarily through EM Media and Screen WM although we do have additional income streams.

MACE is a small organisation with eight members of staff.

MACE is part of a network of public sector moving image archives, which, between them collect, preserve and making accessible the national film collections of the UK.

MACE's Business & Commercial Development Manager: Emma Morley

Archives in the network adhere to a recognised set of principles and standards and are defined as:

Repositories for the custody and preservation of and access to the history of our times as recorded on film, videotape and other moving image formats. Such archives contain works made by amateur and professional producers for cinema, television and other purposes. These archives encompass the history and culture of moving image media and respect the integrity of the works above any commercial or short term exploitation. These institutions operate on a “not for profit” basis.

The complete network comprise the core membership of the UK Film Archive Forum, whose web site contains further information about the wider sector. You may also wish to find out more about the UK public film archives by visiting Moving History, which was created as an introduction to the sector.

Please contact us at MACE – 0116 252 5066 or email: macearchive@le.ac.uk


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