Springbank Primary School in Eastwood, joins Full Circle and brings archive film into the classroom…..

Julie Vaccari, the new Head of Springbank Primary School welcomed BBC East Midlands into the school in October to film some of the children watching rare archive film footage made by local man Fred Taylor in the 1950s.

Julie and Adam (Assistant Head) were very enthusiastic about this piece of film found in Eastwood because they already knew someone on it. The film was made by a local man, Fred Naylor and featured their very own John Naylor  (son of Fred) who delivers the school meals!
Julie said the school is keen to integrate the film into the curriculum as they recognise film as an important historical resource – and a valuable record of the 20th century.

The film shows family celebrations like Christmas, Bonfire Night, family outings to the seaside and interiors of caravans, plus farming scenes, up in a Spitfire plane and other interesting snippets.

Julie and the children are helping in the search for other films in the community and the school is a local point of contact for the deposit of any films found.

The BBC film will be broadcast on East Midlands Today in early December at 5.41pm.

Adam and Teresa in the classroom with Springbank children

BBC Producer Teresa Mikula prepares to film Springbank school children watching the archive film


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