Alfreton & District Heritage Trust join Full Circle and uncover footage of Cromford Raft Race…..

Footage of Cromford Raft Race filmed by the late Fred Alvey

Footage of Cromford Raft race dating from the 1970s has been discovered in Alfreton. When Mr Nicolls of Alfreton Heritage Trust contacted Full Circle to tell us about the films he had discovered –  I didn’t realize quite how many he was referring to – see the photos to get an idea of the size of this collection.

The filmmaker was the late Fred Alvey, who filmed many local events on his cinecamera. His brother Roy is depositing some of the collection with the Full Circle project. Local footage will be copied onto DVD for the whole community to enjoy.

Roy said his brother would be very proud to know that his collection is going to be stored and preserved for the future at the Media Archive for Central England film archive at the University of Leicester.

Fred's brother Roy, with some of Fred's film collection

Mrs Alvey, Roy Alvey, Mr Nicolls, Tony Fisher

Mr Nicolls with some of his vintage film equipment

Mrs Alvey, Roy Alvey, Mr Nicolls with Fred Alvey's film collection


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