Plough to Plate Gallery at Worcestershire County Museum

The Worcestershire Country Museum opened the fourth of its new galleries, Plough to Plate,  on 17th October to coincide with their Country Festival event, and we have provided a series of films on agriculture that can be seen by visitors on a specially produced DVD.

Dairy making tools on display at the Plough to Plate gallery

The museum has been undergoing redevelopment of all its permanent galleries with a view to making the exhibitions more relevant to their visitors by using themes about the county of Worcestershire.  Plough to Plate is based on the agriculture of the county, before mechanisation. 

The gallery is called Plough to Plate as it begins with a ploughman’s lunch. Each piece of food on the plate relates to a different type of farming or growing in Worcestershire:

Bread → Arable farming

Apple → Orchard fruits

Salad →  Market gardening

Butter and Cheese →Dairy farming

Flagon of Beer → Hop Growing.

Each type of food has a small area in the gallery where it is investigated further. There are lots of objects in the gallery and plenty of interactive elements  so that visitors can get  involved.  For example you can turn the butter churn, make jigsaws and discover the meaning of Worcestershire agricultural words, smell the smells of a hop yard, and listen to audios of  local people talking about their experience of farm work before and during mechanisation.

Market Gardening area of the Plough to Plate gallery

As part of the gallery, visitors can watch an 8 minute film featuring some of the  areas of farming and growing on display in the gallery. You can also watch some of these films online. Click the links below to view:

Midlands News: 20.09.1962: Hop Picking

ATV Today: 29.9.1965: Hop Picking

ATV Today: 26.05.1965: Asparagus Farming

Midlands News: 02.11.1967: Horse Ploughing

For more information on Worcestershire County Museum, visit their official website here


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