Arnold Local History society enters the Full Circle film search…..

Just some of the Frank Fish film collection that Bob Massey of Arnold History society has found

Bob Massey of Arnold Local History Society has very kindly put information about the Full Circle project on the Arnold Local History society webpages –  (Thanks Bob!).  Here’s the link Bob has already  collected some interesting films for Full Circle, here’s a taste of some of them:

Bob Massey and Doreen Fish with some of the Frank Fish film collection

“Frank didn’t want to go into baking,” said Doreen his wife. “He was from a baking family in Arnold, but Frank didn’t want to stay in the bakery.  It was hard physical work during the early hours, and after that he did the books as well. After a while it affected his health”.

Doreen Fish with her husband Frank's film collection dating from the 1960s

Doreen went on to say that during the war Frank served in Africa, Sicily and Italy and after the war he didn’t go back into the bakery but went to work at Plessey in Breaston. His mother bought him a cine camera and from then on he filmed holidays, local and family events in and around Arnold.

Bob is searching for the following films that he knows of, he said:
“Arnold Hill School made a film about Arnold in 1988 and we are trying to find a copy of that. There is also a DVD made called ‘The Churches Trail’ that was issued to all local schools in the early 90s – we would like to find that film too.”

Doreen and Frank's cine film projector

The Tommy Turner Collection:

Bob Massey tells the story: “Tommy Turner had a  hardware store in Arnold and because of all the bits and bobs in the store  he became interested in technology. He filmed local events and often gave film shows – that explains why his collection is on 16mm. He wanted the best he could afford and he knew 16mm would give a better quality image”.

“His collection dates from the 1930s to the 1960s”.

If you can help Bob with the search for film, please contact him via the Arnold Local History website: Arnold Local History website: <>



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