Ashbourne Royal Shrovetide football match, John Watts – violin maker, the mule society and the route of Bonnie Prince Charlie from Derby are just some of the films made by Derbyshire film maker Yvonne Hithersay….

Yvonne Hithersay filming the Royal Shrovetide Football match - Ashbourne

When Yvonne took up filming the Ashbourne Shrovetide football match, she had to buy a pair of stepladders to get a good view.

Harry Hithersay holding the ball in the Green Man and Black's Head, Ashbourne

Yvonne filmed many Shrovetide matches dating back to 1986, including the one where Prince Charles tosses up the ball in 2003. She also filmed the making of the football.

Ashbourne Royal Shrovetide Football Match 'Downards' goal 2008

Yvonne’s collection also includes musical events such at the Belper Folk Festival in 1994 and the Peasmoulder Folk Club (now closed)  as well as the Longford Mummers 2004 and ‘Chip off the old Women’s Morris Side’ both still active. There is also some film of John Watts who is a violin maker made in 1994.

Gathering to commemorate the Bonnie Prince Charlie march on Derby

Other interesting items in the collection relate to the Derby Rams – interviews with players from the historic 1946 Cup game, the making and unveiling of Bonnie Prince Charlie statue at Swarkestone, Derby historic buildings, Kedleston Hall with Lord Scarsdale, Okeover Hall, helicopter ride with views over Ashbourne and Carsington Water before the dam, Ashbourne Centenary Show 1990, Steam Rally and Brailsford Ploughing and Hedgecutting in 1988.

Bonnie Prince Charlie gathering - Derby

Another interesting film is marked Donnington 1938 which we are not sure yet what this will reveal! Yvonne said “I was told this was shot at the race track which went through the farmyard in those days”.

Bonnie Prince Charlie gathering - Derby

Yvonne has also got copies of some of the Wright/Radcliffe collection on cinefilm dating from the 1920s. This is a really interesting find as we already have part of this collection which has been donated by Peter Frost, the grandson of Mr Radcliffe.

The Full Circle project is still searching for films, please get in touch if you have any films or moving image material that you would like to deposit with the film archive to preserve for future generations to enjoy. Contact the Senior Curator Full Circle Project Kay Ogilvie

Yvonne filming the Ashbourne Royal Shrovetide Football Match


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