‘Bloggings’ from our Director, James Patterson

As the metaphorical sun sets on 2010 and as we all prepare for the annual seasonal excesses, I thought it might be a moment to jot something for the blog. I don’t do this as often as I should, I know.

2010 has been a momentous year for MACE.

Lots of growth and lots of change and, though all of it is really positive it would be wrong to suggest that there are no growing pains!

So I want to take this opportunity to pay tribute to the team here. The success of any organisation rests in its staff and, in this regard, MACE is fortunate indeed.

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Regulars at the blog will need no introduction to the Heritage Lottery funded Full Circle project which has already hugely exceeded all of my expectations. Huge credit for the success must go to the Full Circle team of Kay and Lucie, who many of you will know, but also, and no less importantly, to our project technician Andrew and cataloguer Catherine who are beavering away with the fabulous material which is being found.

But Full Circle is not everything we do by any means. A glance through the blog will reveal many of the other activities that have been developed and delivered particularly by Emma, Richard and Phil. A wealth of knowledge and experience is allied to fantastic enthusiasm and dedication in these three colleagues – MACE would be nowhere without them.

I also want to thank Sandy whose work has been and continues to be to get so much information into our catalogue and Kayla who is making sure the films themselves are physically in the best conditions we can give them.  

And we must not forget our volunteers Catherine, Gill, Julie, Sarah and Zoe. Thanks to them too for everything they have done for us this year.

The great start to the Full Circle project and our ability to continue to develop a fantastic collection for people to enjoy and use and to do all our other work is because of the enthusiasm and commitment of all of our many partners in the community – and so my thanks to all of you. We look forward to working with even more of you in the future.

We are really excited by the release of our first DVD and 2011 should see lots more to join that catalogue…so keep an eye out and buy them all as they are released!  They will reveal some of the great material that has been placed in our care over the past few years. And the income will help to keep us going too!

These are difficult times for small cultural organisations like MACE. Our funding is always both limited and uncertain and the current economic situation invites further uncertainty. A huge thank you therefore to the University of Leicester who have been providing us with a stable home since 2006 and to EM Media and Screen WM whose continuing support is invaluable. And last, but absolutely not least, thanks to the Heritage Lottery Fund for supporting us too.

2010 has seen a huge expansion in our work. 2011 will see further major developments which will allow us to deliver an even better service for everyone. And after all, that’s why we are here – to deliver a service for you, the community at large.

We are very excited by the prospect of the changes in 2011….but more of that as the developments come forward…we have the Christmas break to get through first!

James Patterson


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