Emma’s Review of 2010 – 2 – TV Programmes

…as well as continuing to contribute to Wevee, we have supplied material to a number of television programmes this year, some of which I’ve highlighted below:

‘De Gaulle & Churchill , The Appeal of June 1940’ – Production Company: Boreales.

We provided short extracts from two private collections held at MACE:

Kingsbury/Doncaster; ARP Sandiacre

This amateur film of Air Raid Precautions (ARP) exercises around Sandiacre in Derbyshire shows various training exercises involving the Sandiacre Air Raid Patrol and First Aid Post during the Second World War.

Home Guard ‘D Coy’ Aston Park (c. 1940)
This film shows D Company of the Home Guard marching, parading and performing a number of exercises in front of a civilian crowd at Aston Park, Birmingham.

Home Guard 'D Coy' Aston Park Birmingham

D Company of the Home Guard congregate on Trinity Road, Birmingham before marching to Aston Park behind a military marching band. At Aston Park soldiers in the company perform drills and exercises in front of a civilian crowd. These include: machine gun practice; repelling an aerial attack; bayonet practice and unarmed combat. The company then conducts a march past high ranking Home Guard officers. Finally the company returns to Trinity Road where they ‘fall out’ and relax.

Ruby And the Duke – Hardy Pictures

We supplied a short clip of Ruby Murray at the ATV Anniversary Dance in 1952 (click here to view the clip) to Ruby and the Duke, a look at Ruby Murray’s work from the perspective of Belfast singer song-writer, Duke Special, who is subsequently touring in Belfast with a show of the same name.


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Michael Wood’s Story of England, Production Co. Maya Vision International

You may have watched the wonderful Michael Wood’s Story of England, helped by the community of Kibworth, Leicestershire. MACE supplied a variety of material to the last episode of this six part series, which originally aired on BBC4 and has subsequently been broadcast on BBC2.

Footage appearing in the programme included:

Leicester Poor Boys’ & Girls’ Summer Camp at Mablethorpe

(Click Title to View A Clip)

An appeal for money to send deprived children from Leicester to Mablethorpe, Lincolnshire on the east coast, for a fortnight’s holiday by the Leicester Poor Boys’ and Girls’ Summer Camp Institute. The film follows the children as they enter the Great Northern Railway Station in Leicester and depart on a steam train waving from the carriages. The mayor of Leicester Alderman J Chaplin and President of the Institute Sir Samuel Faire speak at the opening ceremony. Children are seen on the beach, in their living quarters (large huts in the dunes), carrying milk, responding to a fire drill, learning about nature in an open air school as well as a Sunday service on the beach.

A Trip Through Libertyland

(Click Title to View A Clip)
Production of liberty garments and corsets at the R. and W.H. Symington & Co. Ltd factory in Market Harborough. The film shows various stages in the manufacturing process and uses descriptive intertitles. We see: the cloth room, cutting and folding, machinists at work, ironing, box making, printing of labels, office work, the staff kitchen, club room, rest room and workers leaving the factory at lunchtime. We then see the recreation facilities and see the workers playing football and hockey. Finally we see early film of workers leaving the factory (according to the intertitles ‘taken about twenty five years ago’ – which would be around 1903).

We also provided footage in:

When Playboys Ruled the World (ITV Sport)

League Cup Final (BBC Sport)

The Secret Life of the National Grid (BBC)

Great British Railway Journeys (TalkbackTHAMES)

Thank you to all the producers, directors, archive researchers who have used MACE’s services this year.



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