Full Circle Curator Lucie Kerley talks to BHBN’s radio presenter Brian Henderson about searching for Midlands Home-movies!

BHBN Radio volunteer staff, Ian, Robert and Brian in the studio.

Yesterday, I was delighted to be invited onto the BHBN  Hospital ‘Words & Music’ radio show http://www.bhbn.net/HISTORY%202.htm – which is based at Birmingham City Hospital.

I was first approached by Robert Bartlett, who is the producer on the Wednesday show from 6pm – 7pm. Presenter Brian Henderson interviewed me about my current job working for MACE as a curator for the Full Circle Project.

The Full Circle Project works alongside Midlands Community Groups to search for hidden films in the community.

He asked some very interesting questions about why it is important to preserve these cinefilms and also how the money from the Heritage Lottery Grant gets spent. Brian also mentioned that his father also shot some cinefilm footage of their family life in Birmingham and also family holidays.

The BHBN network was founded in 1952  by Hon. Alderman Mrs Freda Cocks OBE as the Birmingham Hospital Commentaries Association (BHCA). It became the BHBA in 1955 and BHBN in 1972. It adopted the name of Birmingham’s  BHBN in 1992, and adopted it’s current broadcast name of BHBN HOSPITAL RADIO in 2006

Nationally, hospital radio first started life in York in 1926.

The Network was a pioneer in many aspects of its broadcasting. Time spent in hospital back in the early days was very different to today where day case surgery is common. In the 1950s and 1960s a two-week stay in hospital was the ‘norm’ and as such the stations volunteers could forge good relationships with patients. ” An extract from the BHBN website.

The BHBN Radio show broadcasts daily to City Hospital, Good Hope Hospital, Heartlands Hospital, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, The Women’s Hospital. www.bhbn.net tel: 0121 554 5522


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