Rare footage of 1950s Belper and Belper Town football matches…….

Stephen Walters, nephew of filmmaker Norman Mellor with Norman's film collection. Stephen is depositing his uncle's film collection with MACE for future preservation

The late Norman Mellor of Belper, used to go to the old Ritz in Belper regularly where his father worked as the projectionist. This led to Norman becoming very interested in filmmaking, he bought himself a cine camera in the early 1950s and filmed many local events in and around Belper, Derbyshire. His nephew Stephen Walters has been clearing out his late uncle’s house and found Norman’s film collection.

Stephen said: “Uncle Norman worked at LB Plastics based at Heage and Norman took his camera on holiday with him and also filmed many Belper Town football matches as  he loved football and went to most of their matches.”

Stephen told me how he went to the Belper Historical Society exhibition at the East Mill in Belper in October 2010 and picked up a Full Circle leaflet.

Norman Mellor’s film collection dating back to the 1950s

Stephen said: “ This is just what I was looking for, some advice on what to do with my uncle’s film collection and how to preserve it for the future.” We at MACE are very pleased Stephen has decided to deposit his uncle’s film collection and we will take great care of it so that future generations can enjoy watching old scenes of Belper.

Some of this collection is titled, but there are many reels that are unidentified, part of the remit of Full Circle will be to assess this collection for Midlands interest and help identify some of the footage. Once that is done MACE will make some of  this footage available to the local community and make some copies onto DVD for Stephen and family to enjoy watching again.

If you know of anyone with a film collection that they may like to deposit with our film archive, please ask them to get in touch as film is a window into history and we would like to help preserve it for future generations to enjoy. For more details about the Full Circle project please contact Kay Ogilvie Senior Curator on kay.ogilvie@tiscali.co.uk or 01629 823495.



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