Stirchley Locals Enjoy MACE Archive Film Taster at Christmas Screening!

It’s A Wonderful Life

Popcorn anyone?

Before Christmas I was  kindly invited along by the wonderful Stirchley Happenings Community Group, who also run the Stirchley Community Market, to come and talk about the Media Archive for Central England’s (MACE) Full Circle Film Search Project.

Stirchley Happenings Community Group

Film fans were greeted with smiles and the chance to purchase popcorn and cakes as refreshments for their film. The screening took place upstairs at Stirchley Community Church and enticed an audience of over 100 people, which was a fantastic turnout considering the treacherous weather conditions and icy streets outside.

Travelling Bug House Audience

Stirchley Community ChurchAs a way of letting members of the local community know about the search for film and home-movies in their area Stirchley Happenings and MACE were able to work together and arrange a short screening of local archive footage to feature as a short before the main festive screeening of Frank Capra's film - 'It's A Wonderful Life'.

MACE archive film screening


We Need Your Home-movies!!

Stirchley Happenings Members Chris and Roxie take money for tickets.
Stirchley Happenings are acting as a collection point for film and home-movies found in the local area.


By showing a selection of clips from the MACE archive which related to the surrounding areas was a great way of showing the Stirchley

Great feedback for Stirchley Happenings in response to the 3rd Travelling Bug House Screening. community what exists in the MACE archive at present and why it is important that we continue to add to it. A real afternoon treat!
Good Old Film!


If you have any cinefilm, or home-movies that you or your family have made and are interested in having digitised as part of the Heritage Lottery Full Circle Project please get in touch with your local group representative Chris Swann – 07966660771 or email:

For more information about MACE, or for advice on how to care for your films. Please check out our website: or call the MACE team on 0116 252 5066


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