Full Circle work with the YMCA on the “Century of Youth” film project in Mansfield

Poster to advertise the YMCA "Century of Youth" film project. Most of the films collected will be looked after at the MACE archive for future generations to enjoy

Full Circle is working with Nottinghamshire YMCA who have launched  “A Century of Youth” – a new film project exploring the lives of young people in the East Midlands over the past 100 years. The project is led by 16 young people and it combines archive footage and interviews with local people.

The students are all from West Nottinghamshire College all studying for a Level 3 BTEC in Creative Media ProductionMACE and we are helping them to safely view and transfer relevant archive footage into digital formats. The original film will be safely stored at the MACE film archive

Interior shot of MACE archive where the original films collected by the Century of Youth project will be stored for preservation and access

Mansfield people were invited to star in a series of films about life as a young person in the East Midlands. The Young filmmakers asked people of all ages to share stories from their childhood for A Century of Youth. They asked questions about their memories on camera, particularly in relation to fashion, education, work, entertainment, technology and innovation.

Mansfield people being interviewed about their teenage years

The  open ‘drop-in’  event was held at Turner Memorial Hall on Church Street, Mansfield Woodhouse on Monday 7th March. The young people from across the East Midlands are led by professional film makers, who guide them through the process of planning, filming, editing, marketing and distributing their film creations.

Refreshments provided by the YMCA for the Century of Youth team and interviewees. “The day was fun. The people we interviewed were very informative and easy to get information from” Century of Youth Filmmaker, West Nottinghamshire College.

Over 100 people of all ages and backgrounds will share their memories and experiences of their youth for the film, which will be screened in several cinemas across the region.

“I enjoyed talking to the young people about our way of living. The young people have really shown a great interest in us all and our past”.

Betty, Lenton Historical Society.

If you have any home movies, stage two of the project will be happening soon, please call Thomas Hall at Nottinghamshire YMCA’s Film and Video Department on 07584 582063 or email film@nottsymca.org This project has been enabled by EM Media and the UK Film Council’s Digital Film Archive Fund supported by the National Lottery.



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