Ruddington Framework Knitter’s Museum, Sinfonia Viva! and MACE @macearchive celebrates Luddism on Tuesday 21st June Assembly rooms Derby 7pm

Marianne Barraclough Sinfonia Viva!, Hazel Gould Librettist, Audrey Winkler Chair of Ruddington Framework Knitter's Museum and James Redwood Composer, get together to plan the event. MACE is copying some of the Framework Knitter's Museum films for them so that this archive footage can be used as a backdrop to the performance

The Ruddington Framework Knitter’s Museum and Sinfonia Viva! have come together to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Luddism. MACE are supporting this event by copying some of their archive film for them to use in the production.  Luddism started in the Midlands – and this performance marks the 200th anniversary of the Luddite uprising.

Marianne Baraclough, Education officer from Sinfonia Viva! notates the musical score

Sinfonia Viva! are working with 5 local schools and 180 young people across Derbyshire and Ruddington Framework Knitter’s Museum to produce a brand new oratorio written by James Redwood and Hazel Gould. To book for an evening performance please contact Derby Live on 01332 255800.


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