Borderlines Movie Bus Archive Film Screenings are a hit with Herefordshire Locals.

Film Still from the June Lloyd Collection

Earlier this year Borderlines Film Festival 2011 decided to take archive film out into the community using a fantastic Vintage Mobile Cinema! Over 200 people showed up over the course of the two days to step back in time and watch the film showings which comprised of a selection of material held at MACE and also some of the home-movies found by groups taking part in the Full Circle Project. 

Vintage Mobile Cinema Bus at Borderlines Film Festival, Hightown – Photo by Michelle Gerrard

On Tuesday, 29th March the Movie Bus visited High Town, Hereford from 10:30am – 5:30pm and showcased some free screenings of archive material from MACE’s Full Circle Project June Lloyd and Frank Dale Collections.

Film Still from the June Lloyd CollectionFilm Still from the Frank Dale Collection

Photo by Michelle GerrardPhoto by Michelle Gerrard

It was a great opportunity for Herefordian’s to take time out of their busy schedules, rest their feet up and immerse theirselves in Hereford material of times-gone-by. Read the fantastic article on the Borderlines website here:

Borderlines Film Festival 2011, Vintage Mobile Cinema at Bodeham, photo by Luke Doran

On Wednesday, 30th March the Movie Bus then went on to stop at England’s Gate Inn, at Bodenham and showed some more archive material relating to the local area.

Photo by Michelle Gerrard
Photo by Jo Comino

For more information on MACE’s Full Circle Project, please check out:


We shall be having another archive film screening of material from the Frank Dale, June Lloyd and Sir Archer Ernest Baldwin Collections at 7:30pm at Cawley Hall, Eye near Leominster on 25th June 2011. Keep your eyes peeled for more information! Contact Anita Syers-Gibson to enquire about tickets on 01568 615836


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