Aston on Trent and Arnold join forces for an evening of history on film…………

When John Holloway of Aston on Trent History Society was looking for a speaker for their July meeting, I immediately thought of Bob Massey from Arnold. Why? because Bob is a real film enthusiast and has built up a large collection of film about Arnold. Bob talked about the importance of archive film as a valuable historical record. He showed clips of film and photographs from his vast collection of Arnold and how it has changed dramatically over the years – it is almost unrecognisable from 50 years ago with only a very few old buildings left standing after the savage demolitions of the 60s.A good crowd turned up for the evening of history on film. Aston has a well attended series of meetings throughout the year. John Holloway  has helped with organising the film search for the Full Circle project and together with his local history members has found quite a lot of films of old pantos which took place in Aston. These have been copied onto DVD for screening in the new Heritage Centre which opened officially in May. The original films  have now been deposited with the MACE archive for safe keeping and preservation.John Holloway and Gillian Borer get ready to welcome members to the History on Film event on Tuesday 26th July. John said

Another spin-off from inviting Bob from Arnold is that I’m invited to his committee to outline our funded projects strategy as they’re keen to get some projects underway. We’ve just passed the £80,000 mark in grant funding over the past 7 years and we’ve had an enormous amount of development and community involvement in local history from it – so I’m delighted we can reciprocate with some advice and encouragement.” Aston on Trent local  history members view the new MACE postcard advertising the MACE online film catalogue http://www.macearchive.orgNo event can work properly without a nice cup of  tea!  Richard Coates displays the Full Circle poster…..and biscuits of course………Aston on Trent local history members getting ready to watch Bob Massey’s film and presentation about Arnold.Bob put together a very professional film and presentation about the changing face of Arnold in Nottingham. He interspersed ‘then’ and ‘now’ photos of Arnold to show the changes that had taken place over the years. Bob highlighted the need to collect this information on film as it makes a tremendous contribution to the historical record – film is like no other record in helping us to understand how life was lived in the 20th century.


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