Search Your Film Archives is Launched

Thanks to the Screen Heritage UK Programme, visitors to MACE’s website at can now use our ADVANCED SEARCH page to browse not only our online catalogue but the collections of the BFI and 9 other regional film archives across the UK.

This new search tool is called SEARCH YOUR FILM ARCHIVES.

Search Your Film Archives provides one point of access to 10 regional archives across the UK, as well as the BFI

The great diversity and richness of film collections around the UK has not until now been able to be easily searched. Thanks to a ground-breaking collaboration between the BFI, MACE and 9 fellow regional film archives across the UK, for the first time these film catalogues can be searched for free by any visitor to the following websites:

Media Archive for Central England (MACE) –

East Anglian Film Archive (EAFA) –

North West Film Archive –

Wessex Film and Sound Archive –

Yorkshire Film Archive –

South East Film and Video Archive –

South West Film and TV Archive –

Northern Region Film and Television Archive –

The London Screen Archives Network –

Amber –

A small selection of film material is also available to view online. Many of these titles, including the majority of MACE’s collections, are still held on 8, 9.5, 16 and 35mm film, however, in time these films will be digitised and associated clips will be uploaded.

In the meantime a wealth of data will be of enormous value to historians, researchers, students and genealogists, with around 330,000 records.

CLICK HERE to visit MACE’s ADVANCED SEARCH PAGE and try it out for yourself.

Search online and explore a wealth of film treasures from across Britain


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