All welcome to the Full Circle and Redditch Needle Museum film screening event on Saturday 10th September…

One of Full Circle’s community partners in the search for film is The National Needle Museum at Redditch. I am delighted to be helping them in their search for film of the Redditch area at their  Heritage Day on Saturday 10th September from 11am to 4pm.

Still from "Millward's Famous Needles" short film held in MACE archive - c.1923

I will be screening a series of films about Redditch dating from 1923! The film above is a promotional film for the Redditch firm “Milwards” who manufactured the famous needles at Washwood Mill. This firm’s history stretches back to the eighteenth century and they were also involved in the production of fishing tackle. If you have any films or videos of the Redditch area (or further afield) please bring them along to discuss their conservation and preservation with Full Circle senior curator Kay Ogilvie on Saturday.

For full details of this event please call 01527 404365


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