Audiences Delight in Viewing Scenes of Old Lincolnshire

James, Phil and I had a fantastic time at the Lincoln Drill Hall today at the MACE screening Lincolnshire On Film. James and Phil introduced the audience to a selection of archive gems from MACE’s collections which beautifully illustrate life in Lincoln and Lincolnshire from 1915 onwards.

Among the titles that the audience enjoyed were:

Leicester Poor Boys’ and Girls’ Summer Camp at Mablethorpe

We Chose Skegness

ATV Today: 03.11.1975: Lincoln Cathedral Clock Tower

(Click the links above to visit the catalogue entries and watch the films)

Old Lincolnshire On Film - Saturday 10th September at 11am - Lincoln Drill Hall

After the screening the audience shared their own recollections of the City and County over Coffee and Biscuits and tried out our website, including the new search tool, Search Your Film Archives, which provides one point of access, via our Advanced Search Page, to 11 screen archives across the UK, including the BFI.

We now have a LATEST EVENTS page on our website, so, if you live in the East or West Midlands, please do keep checking this page to see if there are events in your area.



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