Day 3 of MACE’s move to University of Lincoln

Day 3 has been a really productive one. James Patterson and Phil Leach continue to move the collections into the new rolling racks. The one inch tapes are in, now it’s the 16mm Midlands News collection that is being placed on shelves in Story Number order so that they match our catalogue which will be kept on an Microsoft Access database on a dedicated server.

Our IT equipment is nearly up and running and telephones now connected thanks to the great work by University of Lincoln’s IT Services and the Networks teams who have been brilliant. Thanks guys.

The exterior signage is now also displayed and pedestrians walking over the flyover will be able to see our logo and strap line – MACE – The Screen Archive for the Midlands.

Jonathan Cresswell from The Lincs and Peter Dewrance from Lincoln School of Media Alumni’s blog have popped into see us today. Great to have our first visitors. And it was quite a poignant moment when we received our first telephone call today.

We’re getting there. Thanks to all our friends, supporters and customers for your patience and good wishes.

Pics below of our progress.

Bottom pic is of the MACE team (without Richard Shenton who is still overseeing move of collections from Leicester):

James Patterson – Director
Andrew Jenkins – Technician
Phil Leach – Curator (Research & Programming)
Kayla Thompson – Film Preparation Technician
Lucie Kerley – Curator (Full Circle Project)
Emma Morley – Development Manager
Catherine English – Cataloguer
Kay Ogilvie – Senior Curator (Full Circle Project)

Also pics of exterior of University of Lincoln MHT Building with new MACE signage, Andrew helping colleagues set up a connection from our laptops to our monitors and more unloading if the film cans to their new home.








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