Success at Redditch Needle Museum! 4 new film collections unearthed at Heritage day event on Saturday 10th September…..

Derek Coombes secretary of Redditch Local History Group at the Heritage Day event at the Redditch Needle Museum: with the Leslie Harbone film collection

Derek Coombes was really pleased with the success of the Heritage Day (over 400 people attended) and especially pleased to unearth 4 important local film collections as part of the Full Circle Project…..

The Leslie Harbone Film Collection

Charles Harbone father of Leslie the film maker said: “Leslie Harbone was born on 21st February 1910, he was a bus driver during the war, and a taxi driver until his retirement at 65, he enjoyed an active retirement and raised money for various charities by running his engine around Arrow Valley Park and other functions. He loved to write short stories and poems. He was a well known character and loved in the community. He moved to Redditch from Birmingham about 30 years ago. He recently died at the grand old age of 100.”

The John McKenzie film collection

This is an interesting collection of  16mm films dating back to the 1930s. Complete with film projector and transformer….

The John McKenzie film collection wth projector and transformer

The John McKenzie film collection

The Michael Young film collection

Michael Young said he found this collection of films left in a box when the new owners of Pertrix batteries were taking over. The films are a rare record of the battery manufacturing  industry in Redditch in the 1950s.

Michael Young brings along the rare battery manufacturing films to the Heritage day event...

Elee Kirk, Evaluator for the Full Circle Project & Mr and Mrs Young at the Redditch Heritage event on Saturday 10th September

Rare films of the battery manufacturing industry in Redditch in the 1950s

The Mike Johnson film collection

Derek was pleased local film maker Mike Johnson came along to the Heritage day. Mike made a lot of films in and around Redditch and interviewed lots of local characters. He was commissioned by the Redditch Development corporation to film when the  new town was built in the 1980s.

Mike Johnson's film c.1980

Mike showing the list of all the films he has made!

The next step in the Full Circle process is to make these rare film collections accessible to the community from which they came. At the MACE film archive we will carefully transfer these films to a digital format and from there make copies onto DVD for the owners, Derek and the Redditch Local History group. For more information on the Full Circle Project contact senior curator Kay Ogilvie on


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